The lockdown project that grew bigger than planned

In March 2020, when we were all stuck at home, I passed the time by working on an idea I'd had for a while, but never had the time to do.

I created Golden Buoy out of a love for classic surf-style clothing and retro advertising, wanting to build a unisex brand that's all about fun illustrations, graphics and fonts.

From an attic in London

It all began on the top floor of a London house during the first lockdown, using a tin of paint and an iron to keep the background in place so I could take product pictures with a camera strapped to a clothes rail.

to a warehouse

I never expected to sell anything, I simply wanted to create t-shirts for my own wardrobe - and if anyone else liked them I'd be stoked!

The brand grew fast during lockdown and I reinvested every penny to add more products and designs to the range until I outgrew the attic space and needed to move into a storage unit to house the stock.

and back to reality.

Two years after launching the brand, post-covid life was returning to 'normal' with social occasions and work commitments filling the calendar.

Maintaining a large catalogue of designs was becoming a mammoth task and, as a brand committed to minimising wastage, I wanted to scale back on production volumes and re-ignite my love for creating designs.

A new approach

In June 2022 I switched to limited releases. Each new product drops online with only a small number available. This helps eradicate waste, applies my focus on creating fun designs, and frees up my time to spend with friends and family.

Thanks so much to everyone who's been with me since the early days, and to those who have got involved more recently! I absolutely love working on Golden Buoy, and hope you continue to love what gets released.