The lockdown project that grew bigger than planned

Golden Buoy started as a distraction from lockdown back in March 2020, but very quickly outgrew the small attic space from where it was born.

I'm overwhelmed by how many people have given this unknown brand a chance and placed an order over the last year. I know how risky it can seem to stray from a big brand, but if you like what you see please do give Golden Buoy a try. I'm always here to help if you have any questions.

Our Approach

We Offset Delivery Emissions

We automatically donate money to fund reforestation projects every time an order is placed.

We Don't Use Plastic Packaging

Each item is slipped loose into recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging. If we need to use tape, that's biodegradable too!

We Only Work With Ethical Suppliers

Our high quality clothing comes from production lines that have been independently verified by the Fair Wear Foundation.

Eco conscious. Design focused.

Golden Buoy was first and foremost created out of a love for classic surf-style clothing and retro advertising. We're building a unisex brand that's all about fun illustrations, graphics and fonts.

But we're also aware of the impact that manufacturing can have.

From day one we've ensured everything creates minimal waste, uses quality materials (recycled or upcycled where possible) and has been produced ethically. It's not a sales gimmick, it's common sense.

Verified Reviews


Really amazing brand and amazing designs. Always keep my eye out for new products and they never disappoint. The wet bag is so useful and the stainless steel tumblers are perfect for beach days, picnics and for just in the house.


We absolutely LOVE Golden Buoy’s cool products and ethical approach to business. Their customer service is also excellent. Even the way they package their stuff is brilliant. Can’t rate them highly enough.


Great name, great company, great products, great cause! I've ordered twice from Golden Buoy now and have had no disappointments to complain of.

Plastic-Free Packaging

Packaging is waste, so we use very little. The small amount we do use is made from 100% recycled cardboard (that's also fully recyclable), and printed in the UK with water based inks.

We never use plastic packaging to store or send our products. Every order is loosely folded into a box - because that's all it needs.