Thruster Points

We are so grateful for everyone who shops with Golden Buoy. Whether you're visiting for the first time, or the fiftieth time, the fact you're browsing our site is wonderful and couldn't make us happier.

In the early days we'd throw in an additional free sticker or a gift voucher for customers who were returning, but that became a tricky system to maintain. So we introduced Thruster Points as a way to consistently reward those of you who keep coming back for more.

Simply put, you get 10% of every order back as credit - or Thruster Points. You don't have to spend your points immediately, you can save them up over multiple orders and treat yourself to a free item. 

If you've already shopped with us before you can claim points from previous orders when you create an account.

Click here to get started with Thruster Points today.

Terms and Conditions

Your Thruster Points will be available to redeem immediately after purchase.
If you return any item for refund, the points earned from the purchase of that item will be deducted from any existing points balance.
If you have redeemed and spent your points before returning an item for a refund, the discount earned from that item will be deducted from your refunded amount.